COVID-19 Update


Twixwood COVID-19 Process Adjustments

Things have changed in the last month so Twixwood is making another adjustment to our processes effective May 1st, 2020. Thankfully, our employees remain healthy and we hope that you, our customers, are as well and we want to keep it that way, so we ask that you respect these changes.

  1. Visiting/Picking Up at Twixwood
    1. Our sales yard is Open!
    2. Please maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times and follow other requirements according to state and local guidelines.
    3. It is still best to call ahead and let us know when you are coming and what plants you specifically need. Please give us at least 24 hours to pull your order. As the weather warms up, we are keeping many of the more common and better-looking items stocked in the yard for you to browse.
    4. “Curbside” or contactless pick-up is available. Please call ahead and make arrangements.
    5. We have plenty of soap and water and disinfectants both for our employees and if you should need any while here.
  2. Deliveries
    1. Our truck drivers have been instructed to maintain at least 6’ of social distancing. Please respect this and let them do their work.
    2. In order to maintain social distancing, drivers will not be participating in the unloading of racks although they still will get the racks to the back of the truck.
    3. Since trucking regulations require drivers to be on a tight deadline, we will be making more allowances for dropping of racks to ease the unloading time. If you feel this would help you out, please discuss it with your customer service rep prior to delivery.
  3. Payment and Paperwork
    1. We will resume accepting COD payments where possible but please make sure to practice safe social distancing. If you are getting a delivery, the driver may ask you to leave it on a rack or something.
    2. We do accept all major credit cards over the phone if you would prefer to pay ahead and maintain a contactless experience.
    3. Signing Delivery Tickets/Invoices
      1. Since this would be difficult while maintaining social distancing, we will suspend asking for a customer signature during this time.
      2. For Deliveries, the driver will be watching while the unloading is going on and will be able to note any issues on the delivery ticket. A copy can be scanned and emailed or faxed to you when they return to the office if you let the driver know where to send that.
        1. If you wish to have a copy ahead of time so that you can make your notes while unloading, please ask your customer service rep to send you one that you can print out and then email us a copy.
      3. For Pickups, the same process will apply with the Twixwood employee who is directing you to your plants.

Thanks for your cooperation in limiting the spread of this pandemic. We are excited about our growing plants and looking forward to a good spring despite these difficulties.


Twixwood Management Team