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Daylilies & Hostas


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Hemerocallis (Daylily)

This list does not indicate pricing or availability.


Name Description
(Color, Bloom Size, Bloom Season,Ploid, Height,)
Color Family 
Moonlit Masquerade cream & dark purple, green throat, 5.5”, EM, Tet, 26”, Rebloomer Cream Shades
Siloam Uri Winniford cream w/ dark purple eye, 4”, M, Dip, 26” Cream Shades
Brocaded Gown lemon crm w/ chartreuse throat, 6”, EM, Dip, 26”, Extended bloom, Rebloomer Cream Shades
Pandoras Box cream w/purple eye, 4", EM, Dip, 25" Cream Shades
Appicot Sparkles (PP# 13,223) deep apricot, 3”, E, Dip, 15”, Rebloomer Gold / Orange / Apricot
Bertie Ferris persimmon orange, 2.25”, E, Dip, 20”, Extended bloom Gold / Orange / Apricot
Black Eyed Stella gold yellow w/red eye, 3”, EM, Dip, 18”, Extended bloom , Rebloomer Gold / Orange / Apricot
Chicago Peach Parfait rosy pale peach/gld throat, 6”, M, Tet, 25” Gold / Orange / Apricot
Chicago Sunrise Orange,  w/green throat,  5",  M,  TET, 30", Rebloomer Gold / Orange / Apricot
Cinnamon Pleasure apricot cinnamon w/green throat, 6”, EM, Tet, 38”, Fragrant Gold / Orange / Apricot
Condilla gold double, 5”, EM, Dip, 20” Gold / Orange / Apricot
Elegant Explosion bright gold w/green throat, 4”, ML, Dip, 20” Gold / Orange / Apricot
Frans Hals rust orange/bicolor, 4.5”, ML, Dip, 28” Gold / Orange / Apricot
Marys Gold pure gold, 6.5”, M, Tet, 34” Gold / Orange / Apricot
Orange Nuggets Orange, 3",  E, mini,  dip, 18" Gold / Orange / Apricot
Ruffled Apricot ruffled apricot, 7"M, Tet, 28", Fragrant Gold / Orange / Apricot
Spellbinder bright gold, 6.5”, ML, Tet, 30”, Rebloomer, Fragrant Gold / Orange / Apricot
Stella de Oro gold, 2.75”, E, 16”, Dip, Extended bloom, Rebloomer Gold / Orange / Apricot
Texas Sunlight gold self, 2.75”, M, 28”, Dip Gold / Orange / Apricot
Whole Peach Pie peach self, 6”, E, 30”, Tet, Fragrant Gold / Orange / Apricot
Bela Lugosi dark purple w/lime throat, 6”, M, Tet, 33” Lavender/Purple Shades
Chicago Orchid Lavender w/ green thr,  4.75",  M,  Tet,  26" Lavender/Purple Shades
Grape Velvet deep purple w/yellow throat, 4”, M, Dip, 24” Lavender/Purple Shades
Lavender Blush pale orchid w/green throat, 6", EM, Dip, 26", Extended bloom, Fragrant Lavender/Purple Shades
Little Grapette grape w/green throat, 2”, E, Dip, 16” Lavender/Purple Shades
Little Wine Cup wine w/green throat, 2”, E, Dip, 20”, Rebloomer Lavender/Purple Shades
Longfields Glory Pale lavender w/yellow throat, 4", ML, Dip, 24", Extended bloom Lavender/Purple Shades
Mardi Gras Parade rose lavender w/wine eye, 3.5”, M, Dip, 25” Lavender/Purple Shades
Night Beacon black purple w/yellow/green throat, 4”, EM, Dip, 27” Lavender/Purple Shades
Prairie Blue Eyes lavender blue, 5.25”, M, Dip, 28” Lavender/Purple Shades
Purple de Oro medium purple w/gold throat, 3”, M, Dip, 20”, Rebloomer Lavender/Purple Shades
Round Midnight deep purple w/yellow throat, 6”, M, Tet, 30”, Rebloomer, Fragrant Lavender/Purple Shades
Siloam Merle Kent lavender w/dark eye, 3.5”, M, Dip, 22”, Extended bloom Lavender/Purple Shades
Strutters Ball deep purp. w/silver hue, yel/green throat, 6”, M, Tet, 28”, Extended bloom Lavender/Purple Shades
Summer Wine purple wine w/green throat, 5.5”, M, Dip, 24” Lavender/Purple Shades
Along The Way pink w/red eye green throat, 5.5”, ML, Tet, 30” Pink Shades
Always Afternoon mauve w/plum eye & green throat, 5”, E, Tet, 22” Pink Shades
Barbara Mitchell light pink w/ green throat,  5",  M,  DIP, 26" Pink Shades
Catherine Woodbury orchid self w/green throat, 6”, ML, Dip, 30”, Extended bloom, Rebloomer, Fragrant  Pink Shades
Cherry Cheeks cherry pink/gld org throat, 6”, ML, Tet, 28” Pink Shades
Daring Deception dusty crm. pink w/purp. eye, 5.5”, ML, Tet, 24”, Rebloomer Pink Shades
Elegant Candy pink w/red eye,  green throat, 4.25”, EM, Tet, 25”, Rebloomer,  Fr Pink Shades
Fairytale Pink shell pink w/green throat, 5.5”, M, Dip, 24”, Rebloomer Pink Shades
Freedom Dove soft pink w/green throat, 6.5”, EM, Dip, 26” Pink Shades
Fringed Porcelain flesh pink blend w/yellow/green throat, 6”, M, Tet, 30” Pink Shades
Hush Little Baby rose pink blend, yellow-green throat, 5", ML, Dip, Rebloomer Pink Shades
Joylene Nichole rose pink w/ green throat, 6”, ML, Dip, 14”, Extended Bloom, Fragrant Pink Shades
Mango Madness mango w/dk mango throat, 6.5”, L, Tet, 30”, Rebloomer, Fragrant Pink Shades
Pilgrim Pride pale melon w/yellow/green throat, 4”, ML, Dip, 21”, Rebloomer, Fragrant Pink Shades
Rosy Returns (PP# 9,779) rose pink w/yellow throat, 4”, E, Dip, 14”, Rebloomer Pink Shades
Siloam Baby Talk light pink w/rose eye & green throat, 4", EM, Dip, 15" Pink Shades
Siloam Double Classic pink w/red eye,  green throat, 4.5”, EM, Extended Bloom, Dip, 26”, Rebloomer,  Fragrant Pink Shades
South Seas coral tangerine w/yellow throat, 5”, M, Tet, 26”, Rebloomer, Fragrant Pink Shades
Strawberry Candy pink w/rose red eye., 4.25”, EM, Tet, 26”, Rebloomer Pink Shades
Strawberry Fields Forever Pink-magenta, 4", EM, Tet, 14, Rebloomer, 28" Pink Shades
Wineberry Candy peach w/purple eye,  lime throat, 4.75", EM, Tet, 22", Rebloomer Pink Shades
Young Countess pale orchid pink, 4", Em, Dip, 24" Pink Shades
Autumn Red red w/gold throat, 5”, M, Dip, 30” Red Shades
Baja red w/green throat, 6”, M, Tet, 26”, Rebloomer Red Shades
Chicago Apache scarlet w/green throat, 5”, M, Tet, 27”, Fragrant Red Shades
Chicago Fire red w/green throat, 6”, L, Tet, 34”, Fragrant Red Shades
Little Business pink red w/ green throat, 3”, EM, Dip, 15”, Extended Bloom, Rebloomer, Fragrant Red Shades
Pardon Me cranberry red w/green throat, 2.75”, M, Dip, 18”, Rebloomer Red Shades
Red Pinocchio velvet crimson w/yellow throat, 5”, EM, Tet, 24” Red Shades
Red Reward scarlet red w/ lime throat, 4”, ML, Tet, 27” Red Shades
Red Rum red w/ orange yellow throat, 3" Red Shades
Rocket City red-orange, 4.5", em, tet, 30" Red Shades
Route 66 scarlet w/Pale green throat, 4", M, Mini, Dip, 18", Rebloomer Red Shades
Ruby Stella ruby red w/yellow org throat, 3”, EM, Dip, 16”, Rebloomer, Fragrant Red Shades
Ruby Throat medium red w/bright green throat, 5”, ML, Tet, 34” Red Shades
Ruffled Ruby deep red w/green yellow throat, 5.5”, E, Tet, 28” Red Shades
Woodside Fire Dance red shelf w/ yellow throat, 3.5", EM, Dip, 26" Red Shades
August Frost white shades w/gold wire edge, 6”, L, Tet, 34” White Shades
Gentle Shepherd near White w/Yellow green thr.,  5", EM, Dip, 29" White Shades
Ice Carnival near white w/lime green throat, 6”, M, Dip, 28”, Rebloomer White Shades
Lime Frost green White w/green throat, 5.75", L, Tet, 27" White Shades
Nanuq near white w/yellow/green. throat, 5”, ML, Dip, 27”, Rebloomer White Shades
New Falling Stars White to cream w/green throat to yellow, ruffled, 6", M, Dip, 30",  White Shades
Purely nearly white w/pale yellow throat, 6", M, Dip, 23", Rebloomer White Shades
Sunday Gloves near white w/yellow/green throat, 5”, EM, Dip, 28”, Extended Bloom, Rebloomer, Fragrant  White Shades
Black Eyed Susan butter yellow w/ burgundy eye, 5”, M, Tet, 26”, Rebloomer Yellow Shades
Carolyn Criswell buff yellow,  4.5", E, Dip, 22, Extended Bloom Yellow Shades
Eenie Weenie yellow,  w/green throat, 1.75", EM, Mini,  Dip, 10", Rebloomer Yellow Shades
El Desperado yellow w/green throat, 5”, L, Tet, 28”, Ext Yellow Shades
Fragrant Treasure light yellow w/green throat, 4”, E, Dip, 22”, Extended Bloom, Rebloomer, Fragrant Yellow Shades
Green Flutter canary yellow w/green throat, 3”, L, Dip, 20”, Extended Bloom, Rebloomer Yellow Shades
Happy Returns canary yellow, 3”, E, Dip, 16”, Extended Bloom, Rebloomer Yellow Shades
Hyperion lemon yellow, 5.5”, M, Dip, 40”, Extended Bloom, Rebloomer, Fragrant Yellow Shades
Mary Todd bright yellow, 6”, E, Tet, 26”, Rebloomer Yellow Shades
Prairie Sunburst yellow w/green throat, 6”, E, Tet, 36” Yellow Shades
Buttered Popcorn butter yellow w/ green throat, 6", ML,  TET,  32",  Rebloomer,  Fragrant Yellow Shades 





This list does not indicate pricing or availability.

Name Attributes
Fantabulous dark green w/ creamy white margin
v. Aureo-marginata shiny green w/cream margin 
Albo-marginata green w/white edge
Blue Angel huge blue gray leaves w/pale flowers
Christmas Tree deep green, cream edge, heavily crinkled
Gold Standard gold w/dark green margins
Hadspen Blue steel blue, slightly cupped
Komodo Dragon dark green foliage w/ slight corrugation
Lakeside Cupcake cupped w/ blue margins, creamy white centers, pale lavander flower
Patriot dark green w/wide white margins
Queen Josephine dark glossy green w/wide yellow margin
Summer Fragrance green w/broad cream margins
Blue Mouse Ears tiny, thick blue round                
City Lights yellow w/ white flower
Moonstruck blue green w/ white center
Pauls Glory green gold w/blue green margins
Regal Splendor dark green w/ wide yellow cream edge
Winter Warrior dark green w/ wide creamy white margin
Allan P. McConnell dwarf green w/fine white edge
Ann Kulpa dark green margin, narrow yellow/White center
Antioch light green w/ creamy edges, lavander flowers
Blue Cadet blue heart shapped
Broad Band dark green w/ yellow-white margins
clausa Korean species, dark green lance
Diamond Tiara medium green w/white wavy margins
Dream Queen blue green w/narrow cream center
Earth Angel blue green center, green yellow margin 
Fire And Ice large cream center w/ green edges
Fire Island bright yellow turns chartruce, red petioles
First Frost                            thick blue w/ bright cream edge
fortunei Aureo-marginata green w/yellow edges
Fragrant Blue chalky blue, slightly cupped, lav flower
Fragrant Bouquet light apple-green w/light yellow=cream edges , fragrant
Francee green w/white edge
Gold Edger mound of gold foliage
Golden Tiara light green w/yellow margins
Green Angel large ribbed green, sport of ‘Blue Angel'
Guacamole dark apple green w/dark green streaked margins
Honeybells olive green w/white fragrant flowers
Krossa Regal frosty blue vase shaped leaves
lancifolia narrow dark green leaf w/lilac flowers
Liberty blue green w/ wide yellow margins
Little Sunspot yellow w/ green margin, heart shaped leaves
Love Pat thick, puckered, deeply cupped blue leaves
Minuteman dark green w/pure white margin
Night Before Christmas white center w/dark green margins
Permafrost blue w/ wide gold margin
Pie a la Mode green w/ white margin
Praying Hands upright dark green w/narrow gold margin
Rainforest Sunrise gold w/ dark green margin, cupped foliage
Revolution dark green w/ large cream center
Rubies and Ruffles green w/ ruffled white margin, red petioles
Sagae frosty blue green w/creamy white margin
Saint Elmos Fire yellow turns green, pale lavender flower
September Sun apple green w/dark green margin
sieboldiana Elegans blue foliage w/white flowers
Snow Cap blue-green w/ cream margin
Spartacus green w/ irregular, crinkled, yellow edge
Splendid Sarah green w/ white margin
u. Variegata dark & pale apple green margin, wavy White center
ventricosa dark green w/ purple flowers
Victory shiny green w/ yellow margins, lavender flower
Wide Brim green w/wide yellow margins
Brim Cup cupped green leaves w/ light green margin
Carnival green/blue/gray w/yellow/cream margin
Abiqua Moonbeam green w/gold margin, pale lavender flowers
American Halo blue green w/ rippled creamy white edge
August Moon crinkled green gold
Barbara Ann blue green leaves, broad crm margin 
Frozen Margarita green yellow leaf w/white margin
Great Arrival blue green w/bright gold margins, White flower
Great Expectations creamy yellow center, blue green margin
Halcyon blue foliage, lav/white flowers
June blue green margins w/gold center
montana Aureo-marginata dark green w/bright yellow green margin
Pearl Lake blue gray, heart shaped leaves
Pilgrim medium green w/ yellow white margin
Robert Frost blue green w/ creamy yellow to white marg
Royal Standard green, white flowers
s. Frances Williams blue center w/lime or cream margin
Samurai blue-green w/ irregular yellow margin
So Sweet light green w/wide white margins
Stained Glass brilliant yellow w/dark green streaked margin
Sum and Substance chartreuse corrugated leaves
tokudama Flavocircinalis blue green w/gold margins, White flower
Trifecta creamy White, streaked w/ green yellow, green margin
Twilight (PP# 14,040) heavy green w/ wide cream margins
undulata Medio Variegata dark & pale apple green margin, wavy White center 



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